Wednesday, 23 November 2011

birth of godly homicidal liar

it only seems appropriate to begin with a short film i composed during the summer of 2011.

'inspired by german folklore.
a mother-to-be is visited by the stork, a messy affair for them both.

the folktale that inspired me was the idea that, after a woman had given birth, if she already had small children, they would be told to leave her to recover, because the stork had attacked her. this short film is, at its core, about the fear and courage it takes to go through with pregnancy, whether you are ready to be a mother, and whether you'd give everything to keep it safe inside you. the stork tests the woman's doubts and certainties of her pregnancy, but the stork also tries to save itself from its own destined role; of delivering the soul of the baby to the mother, and thus sacrificing its own life for a new one.

direction, animation, editing, puppets and sets by lily goodchild.
sound design and original music by jocelyn campbell.'